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Zoe Harcombe: PCSK9 Inhibitors do not show clinical end benefits
presents episode 273: Dr Zoe Harcombe
Low Carb All Stars
June 2021

PCSK9 inhibitor medications
-block the enzyme PCSK9, which
-blocks LDL from being removed from the blood
-the result: lowered LDL levels

2017 clinical trial of drug, Evolocumab (PCSK9 inhibitor)…
-2 groups: intervention group & placebo group
-intervention group had their cholesterol lowered
-placebo group’s cholesterol is higher

Key point:
these drugs do lower
cholesterol, but:
is this a clinical benefit?

2017 clinical trial of drug, Evolocumab (PCSK9 inhibitor)…
-placebo group coronary revascularizations were 27% higher
-easy to recommend them by doctors concerned about LDL
-this subjective part
has large influence on
total study data

To access her citations:
Go to her website:
Here find a list of all the slides from her presentation.
Each slide has the title and the reference for the study she cites with its link.