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Zoe Harcombe: CONFLICTS OF INTEREST drive FLAWED statin study calling for stronger medicine
presents episode 274: Dr Zoe Harcombe
Low Carb All Stars
June 2021

Daily Mail Online, #1 website in the world…
-states, “Stronger statins could save lives”
-based on a flawed and compromised study

Millions of viewers will likely never see the study,
-nor examine it for the flaws it has

But, Dr Zoe Harcombe has done just that!

Major flaws…
-Massive number of drug companies associated with this
study are a major conflict of interest

-Untreated patient group:
~patients, having had CVD event, under therapy during
the first year following their event
~were used as the comparative group vs the statin treatment

Essentially set up to look like a legitimate control group…
-but it was selected for its vulnerability