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SARAH ZALDIVAR 5 | Daily two 5 mile runs &
45 min weightlifting…
2 high animal protein
meals a day
presents episode 579 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist Interview

Question: daily routine?
-preparing for bodybuilding competition…
-daily two 5 mile runs &
-45 minutes weight lifting to failure
-constantly moving
-on desk bike throughout the day
“I love it! Caloric burn is up & I stay focused!”

Question: daily routine?
-eggs & bacon for breakfast
-lots of ground beef & baby swiss cheese
-add eggs sunny side up & bacon
-salmon & bacon
Breakfast & lunch only
“Would love one meal a day, but training so hard…
can’t get all the protein I need in one meal”

Question: lifting form…
-careful with form; rarely use momentum
“My husband, also a bodybuilder, caught me:
‘I see what you are doing!’
Start with a lower weight and do it right!”
Some sessions will use lighter weights, slow down
-focus just on form
-tighten mind-muscle connection


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