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Zaila Avant-garde: wins 93rd annual Scripp’s National Spelling Bee

July 8, 2021
Walt Disney World

Championship word for Zaila Avant-garde…
-to win the 93rd
Scripp’s National
Spelling Bee

The word…
-a genus of tropical Asiatic &
Australian trees having pinnate
leaves & flowers with
imbricated petals

The word…
Q like the English name
which could be the name
of a comedian?

A I don’t see that here.

The word…
Q What is the origin?

A It’s formed in Latin from
a Swedish name.

The word…

-That is correct!

14-year old Zaila Avant-garde, New Orleans, Louisiana

“It felt really good to become
a winner simply because of
the fact that I’ve been like
working on it for two years…”