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presents episode 292: Paul Mabry:
with Dr Shawn Baker,

We are supposed to practice evidence-based Medicine…
-but most are practicing Expert-opinion Medicine
-expert opinion of the FDA Advisory Panel
~which is very flawed science
-they have excluded any evidence…
~that supports low-carb diets

More & more doctors are finding low-carb…
-I’m in a group of 200 doctors in a Google Group
-we talk about the latest research in low-carb
-also a member of…
~Association of Metabolic Health Care Practitioners

Low-carb nutrition is exploding around the US…
-Virta Health is now available in the VA
-United Health Care, insure 23 million Americans
-started similar program to Virta, called Level 2

Virta Health published a paper showing…
-when people went on their low-carb diet;
~insurance companies could save…
~$10,000 per person/year in medication costs
-90% dropped all meds except Metformin
-A1C dropped below 6.5 (diabetic)

“Insurance companies realize they can
save lots of money with low-carb”

United Health Care’s Level2 program…
-giving patients Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)
-tell them: check levels 1-2 hours after eating

I use it with my patients who are not making progress on:
-weight loss or A1C levels

“take a picture of each meal, determine
which foods cause a spike in
your blood sugars”


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