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WOMEN: get toned by training HARD & CLOSE to FAILURE…much better than cardio alone
presents episode 315: Menno Henselmans
with Judy Cho

Training hard & close to failure with relatively heavy weights…
-is better…
-if don’t want to get bigger muscles, reduce volume
For efficiency: could reduce 5 sets to 1 hard set:
-get same result
Excess muscle growth is a luxury!
-especially women are brainwashed
-thinking they will grow into she-hulk
-not so

Most people, who experience some muscle growth…
-actually like being more ‘toned’
-means: muscle growth & fat loss
-that is the essence of body building

“If you want to get toned, you should follow a body building
program: exact same goals”
-just stop earlier or reduce volume
-maybe train twice a week only

To support health & longevity, do at least 1 or 2…
-strength training workouts a week
-for most goals, including health & fat loss:
~strength training is more efficient than cardio
Cardio: each session is a one-time investment
-in energy expenditure
With strength training you are:
-building muscle mass
-metabolic rate
-insulin sensitivity
-investment that keeps paying off

For those who train, for up to 3 times a week…
-do a full body strength training workout,
~not body part splits
-more efficient…
-can use rest periods to train specific muscle groups

Example: could do a set each of:
-leg curls, squats, pull downs, bench presses…
~each with one minute rest between
Save time versus, doing one sets of same exercise with
-3 minutes rest between each set

“in that same time you could do
2 sets of 5 different exercises”


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