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TRO KALAYJIAN d | Low-cal diets: bring -hunger; cravings; -stress; depression
presents episode 1094 | Dr Tro Kalayjian
Low Carb Denver podcast

Since 1982 we have known that people cannot track calories…
-perhaps people over eat without knowing
-but: when tracking calories PEOPLE DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT
Labeling products
with calorie doesn’t
change behavior

Highly trained dietitians and patients cannot accurately
estimate calories in foods 20%;
-average person 30%
-obese? 50%
-calorie counting
diets are worse
than low fat
-low carb are best

Doctors, dietitians, medical clinicians: Have you given informed
consent that: calorie-based diet are NOT EFFECTIVE?
-worse than low fat
-less accurate in
more obese
-low carb diets:
-reverse T2D
-reduce seizures
-reduce migraine
-reduce IR

Side effects of dieting?
Gives you
-more hunger
-more cravings
-feelings of
-requires behavior
change w/ friends
-requires emotional
-high stress


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