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TOM SEYFRIED 7 | STUDIES SHOW THAT KETO METABOLIC THERAPY can become new standard of cancer care
presents episode 459 | Dr Thomas Seyfried
Dr Paul Mason podcast

Used Press/Pulse method to treat a young male patient…
-with glioblastoma
-had to use standard of care radiation & chemotherapy
-after 2 years, patient doing very well, until 30 months…died:

In this paper, case is made that radiation and chemo…
-largely responsible for recurrence, growth, demise of
-majority of brain cancer patients
“The therapy itself is putting patients at risk of early death”

Dr Seyfried, “My opinion that ketogenic metabolic therapy will
-improve overall survival &
-help overcome disease in a far less toxic way”

May 2020 paper: How press/pulse therapy can manage…
-highly metastatic thymoma in a woman
-no radiation & no chemo
-these papers present case for use of metabolic therapy in
treatment of cancer

Cancers would respond remarkably well to ketogenic
metabolic therapy as alternative or as complementary approach
of current standard of care
-taking biopsy of breast tissue can put patient at risk of
spreading cancer
-why take biopsy?
-genes are
irrelevant to
the disease

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