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TOM SEYFRIED 6 | Brain cancer treatment: Cut glucose with keto; & glutamine with drug…STARVE TUMORS!
presents episode 458 | Dr Thomas Seyfried
Dr Paul Mason podcast

Diet to shift glucose as the fuel, to fat as the ketone fuel…
-the liver makes ketone bodies from mobilized fat
-glucose must be lowered because
“cancer cells THRIVE on
the fermentable fuel:
-So, replace glucose, with
-ketones (from fats)
“defective mitochondria
in cancer cells, CANNOT
use ketones for energy”

“Ketone bodies are absolutely toxic to many cancer cells…”

Ideal ratio is as much ketone bodies, in mmol as glucose mmol…
-press/pulse therapy:
1. chronic stress on cancer cell metabolism
2. acute pulses
-drugs &
procedures that
work with stress

Goal: gradually move patient from disease state to health…
-target tumor cells, while
-enhancing the vitality and health of normal cells
Press therapies:
-keto diet with
ketone supplements
-emotional stress
Pulse therapies:
drugs to reduce

Cancer is degraded gradually, slowly…
-patient emerging from treatment HEALTHIER than at start

Paper published on the effects of press/pulse therapy on
brain cancer…
combined calorie-restricted keto diet, with
-glutamine targeting drug
results: significantly kill cancer cells, while improving:
-overall survival rate &
-quality of

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