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TOM SEYFRIED 5 | ROGUE MACROPHAGES metabolically destabilized, become deadly tumors
presents episode 457 | Dr Thomas Seyfried
Dr Paul Mason podcast

Metastasis: responsible for 90% of cancer deaths…
Metastatic Cascade: Series of events that underlie the origin
-from any tissue
-breast cancer
-colon cancer
-bladder cancer
All go through the
same cascade

Metastatic Cascade: 1. local: green cells are cancerous
-become metabolically destabilized, then
-enter default
-eventually break
into local tissue

Metastatic Cascade: 2. Intravasation
Some enter into blood vessels; avoid immune system…

3. survive

4. immuno-
-suppress the
immune system

Metastatic Cascade:

5. Extravasation
-leave blood

6. Form tumors
-in distant organs

“Cancer spreader

Question: How can random somatic mutations cause…
-non-random metastatic cascade?

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition
-process by which epithelial cells lose their cell polarity
and cell-to-cell adhesion,
-gain migratory and invasive properties to
become multipotent stromal cells
-that can differentiate into a variety of cell types

This is the basis for cancer metastasis based on the…
somatic mutation theory

So, how to explain
all of this on the
metabolic theory
of cancer?

Macrophages (red cells):wound-healing cells
-patrol body, enter/exit blood stream (part of immune system)
-when cells have destabilized energy metabolism
(becoming prolific, but not capable of spreading around body)

Macrophages recognize cancer as an unhealed wound, so
-bring in growth factors and cytokines (gas on fire)
-stimulates faster disorganized cancer growth

Macrophages recognize cancer as an unhealed wound, so
-immune cells fuse with cancer cells
-diluting cytoplasm with abnormal mitochondria

Rogue macrophages (former immune cells)…
-already genetically programmed to spread throughout body
-now metabolically destabilized, with genetic architecture
-enter blood stream, suppress immune system
-become the most deadly tumor cells

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