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TOM SEYFRIED 2 | DAMAGED MITOCHONDRIA found in all major types of cancers
presents episode 455 | Dr Thomas Seyfried
Dr Paul Mason podcast

Cells should not continue to produce fermentation when
-oxygen is present
-should shift back to oxidative phosphorylation

If each cancer cell has a different genetic signature…
-all cells in tumor have different genetic mutations
-but, ALL CELLS in
tumor have ONE
-it makes sense to

mSLP: mitochondrial substrate level phosphorylation
-published in
ASN Neuro Journal
~generates a
large amount of

ATP is coming from a different site in the cancer mitochondria…
-than it does in the normal mitochondria

Left: mitochondria in normal cells;
Right: glioblastoma cancer mitochondria
Cristae contain proteins, lipids (fats) and enzymes allowing
energy creation through oxidative phosphorylation

If the structure of the organelle is abnormal, the
function of the organelle will be abnormal
if the organelle parts responsible for oxidative phosphorylation
are missing, the organelle will be unable to generate energy
through oxidative
The GBM organelle
in this tumor cell
is abnormal

Same phenomenon in mitochondria of all kinds of cancers…
-breast cancer and colorectal cancer
-disorganized and missing cristae
“We have found
these types of
abnormalities in
all kinds of cancers”

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