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TO SPRINT like a sprinter TRAIN like a sprinter…don’t combine endurance & strength training
presents episode 312: Menno Henselmans
with Judy Cho

Stresses that you put upon the body that require…
-adaptations, run along a continuum from
-endurance to strength
-can categorize any physical exercise on that spectrum
-cardio & strength training fall on opposite ends

Even high-intensity sprint training…
-not even close to strength training
-to train like a sprinter: train like an actual sprinter:
~sprint full out for 10 seconds; rest for 5 minutes
~NOT tabata protocol (a type of high intensity interval training)
-this is for short-distance sprinter type training
~not long-distance sprinting

In individuals who do endurance training…
-stimulate more AMPK signaling
(pathway that promotes ATP producing &
inhibits ATP consuming)
-more metabolic
-more substrate depletion
-sarcoplasmic protein synthesis
(amino acids into muscle protein)
-increases in lung & heart capacity

In individuals who do strength training…
-the focus is on muscle hypertrophy
-increase in strength
-adaptations in nervous system that:
~increases amount of force the muscles can produce

If you try to put both of these stresses on body at same time…
-it has to prioritize; cannot do both at same time
-like garden hose:
~for endurance, telling it:
“conserve energy; need slow, sustained output of water”
-for strength, telling it:
“need massive output; big hose”

In the body, much more subtle…
-interference between mTOR & AMPK signaling
(mTOR upregulates protein & lipid synthesis)
-both are anabolic pathways promoting protein synthesis
-if doing both endurance & strength training at same time:
~forces body to choose which adaptation…
~results in compromise on both

“You won’t gain as much strength
or as much endurance”

If do both at same time, focus shifts toward endurance…
-example: do strength followed by endurance workout:
~it is like a very long endurance session, because
~a lot of substrate depletion & fatigue from strength session,
~then the endurance session adds on top of that

Question: does light cardio interfere with strength training?
-Don’t have to worry about things like
~walking to gym, short hike, short bike ride
~these don’t result in significant endurance adaptations
~won’t stimulate pathways that negatively interact with
~anabolic pathways from strength training

“Mild cardio is not a problem, but it is not needed.

There is nothing cardio does that you can’t do
with strength training”


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