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THYROID DAMAGE…often caused by insulin-spiking foods
presents episode 300: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

Thyroid hormone effects virtually every cell in the body…
-except red blood cells (they have no nucleus)
-at muscle cell it induces mitochondria biogenesis
-essential if in ketosis, because:
~your primary fuels are fat
~they can only be burned in mitochondria
-in ketosis facilitates production of mitochondria

Thyroid hormone at fat cells…
-can induce the synthesis or mitochondria
-increases the metabolic rate in fat cells by
~activating the uncoupling of the mitochondria
(uncoupling allows mitochondria to burn fat for heat)

At muscle cells, thyroid hormone tells them to…
-make new mitochondria
(to burn fat better)

Levothyroxine, medicine for people with hypothyroidism…
-second most prescribed drug in USA
“It is not like we are evolving to lose our thyroid gland!”
-this is not a genetic phenomenon, it is environmental
-people are eating foods that are damaging their thyroid
-a lot would be autoimmune, like hashimoto’s disease
-females always affected more with autoimmune diseases
~due to the impact estrogens have


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