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THE MYTH OF DISCIPLINE…do you love donuts or your brain?
presents episode 282: Charles Poliquin

The problem with cardio exercise…
-most do slow & long distance
-but, research shows that Olympic athletes who
~do the most slow, long distance cardio
~have the most brain damage in old age
-I prefer people do interval type training

Some need external motivation, like in a group…
-simple rule about exercise:
“If not a Hell Yes; it is a No”
-if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it “for the discipline”

I don’t believe in discipline…
-I wrote an article, The Myth of Discipline
-you make the choice, decide what you love more:
~your brain…or…donuts?
~healthy joints…or…croissant & Nutella?
-I don’t know anyone ever
mugged by a dozen donuts

-make a conscious choice:
~is this the best thing for me now?
-don’t say “I don’t have discipline”
-you are saying, “I love donuts more than a great physique”

Best day, in North America,
-to change a habit is Saturday…
-don’t have to go to work
-people often over-commit
-just go to the gym for 10 minutes
-it is better to under commit

The most impact on health is sleep…
-do you really need to send that extra email?
-lots of German research:
~the earlier to bed; the better for your hormones
-one main problem: lights
-lots of technology for controlling the effect
of light on your brain
-can gradually diminish lights in house
-can use technology to control your
computer light’s stress on your eyes


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