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Ted Naiman: Type 2 diabetics…eat & train like body builders & you easily become a body builder
presents episode 270: Dr Ted Naiman
Ted Naiman youtube channel


At the same time that a type 2 diabetic has…
-maximized all the fat storage they can do
-very low level of muscle
-most get sarcopenic obesity (too little skeletal muscle)
-very low lean mass
-very high fat mass

They have eaten…
-not enough protein
-far more non-protein energy:
~refined carbs
~refined fats (vegetable oils)
-so they partition all dietary intake into fat storage

They are not doing enough resistance exercise…
-not giving muscles stimulus to grow
-sitting around…giving muscles stimulus to atrophy

Type 2 diabetics are reverse body builders…
-REALITY: everyone is a body builder
-you have built the body you are in
-with your diet & exercise choices
-if you eat protein, you are prioritizing lean mass
-if you eat non-protein energy, prioritizing fat mass
-do intensity exercise, stimulate muscle growth
-sit on couch, prioritize fat mass

What to do?
-become a real body builder!
-breakfast: prioritize ANIMAL PROTEIN
~cooked asparagus & spinach
~chicken & salmon
-take protein shake for snack

-become a real body builder!
~chicken & broccoli
~half hour on stair climber for fasting cardio
-go to gym in afternoon, lift heavy:
~push (chest), pull (back), or leg

-every meal: how can I get more :
~animal protein
~less energy?
-every time exercise: how can I get:
~highest intensity possible
~to stimulate muscle growth?