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Ted Naiman & Paul Mason: 31 RANDOMIZED CONTROL STUDIES: Low fat diets NEVER beat low carb
presents episode 307:
Dr Ted Naiman & Dr Paul Mason

Highlights from a Low Carb Down Under presentation
The P:E Diet book

Dr Naiman summarizes this here…

“You might want to limit
yourself to 100g of carbs
per day”

Because glucose is so tiny, it must control our fuel choice…
-As soon as we eat glucose,
we burn glucose

-As soon as we stop eating it,
we burn body fat

“high-carb diets DECREASE
body fat burning by 10 times”

Dr Naiman:
“If you want your body to be
better at burning body fat,
you only have to do one
thing: eat fewer carbs”

Between 2003 and 2018, 62 published studies
Dr Paul Mason: 31 of these randomized, control trials…
-had statistically significant findings


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