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Ted Naiman: Once all types of fat cells are full, THEN glucose & triglycerides rise in blood stream!
presents episode 269: Dr Ted Naiman
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What is type 2 diabetes?
-when eat food:
~protein & minerals for body to use structurally
~non-protein carbs & fat for energy
-eat too much energy:
~gets stored in fat cells

If amount of energy eaten is way out of proportion…
-to protein & minerals
-have to store a lot of energy in fat cells

Fat cells have
-maximum diameter
-can expand to hold more fat
-can only get so big

Subcutaneous fat cells
-expand, store fat

When full, must try to
-grow new fat cells

Some of us can sprout a million fat cells…
-others have genetic limitations on new fat cells

Once fat cell number
-is as large as it can get
-and diameter is expanded
-as large as it can get…
-run out of
~subcutaneous fat storage

Now must store fat

Once subcutaneous &
visceral fat stores full…
-must store fat ectopically
-in liver
-in pancreas

End up with fatty organs

Soon, have shoved fat
-into every cell in body
-no more place for fat

Cells refuse glucose
-filled with fat
-cannot accept any more

Only then, at this end stage…
-severe insulin resistance

“only then does blood sugar
START going up in
blood stream!”

Blood sugar has
-no place to go
-triglycerides super high

Type 2 diabetic:
-filled body up
-with dietary energy:
-carbs & fats

Energy in system has
-no place to go, so

Glucose circulates
-in blood stream