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Ted Naiman on Protein #shorts

Don’t simply reduce eating all macros equally! That will result in loss of both fat and lean mass. Hunger will drive more eating and that will restore fat mass but not full lean mass.

The problem with not eating at all, or
just drinking juice…
You will lose equal amounts of fat mass & lean mass
-you are going to be HUNGRY
-lose lean mass [muscle] -might set your set point LOWER

Whole goal: highest lean mass & lowest fat mass…
this will get you the most insulin sensitive
give you the most metabolic flexibility

Whole goal: highest lean mass & lowest fat mass…
The way to do this:
eat plenty of protein, minerals & micronutrients
so you have all you need for LEAN MASS
then, eat less energy

Diet that cuts all macronutrients together:
-your PROTEIN was too low to begin with
-now it is really TOO LOW
You will lose lean muscle mass


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