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Ted Naiman: High protein

Three types of exercise EVERYONE
MUST DO…[all completely separate] -resistance training
-ONLY WAY to build muscle mass
[along with VO2 Max, the other 2 things
for longevity: strength & muscle mass] -strength comes ONLY from heavy,
hard resistance exercise
[70% of 1 rep max or higher] -MUST high absolute FAILURE
[10 reps or lower…hit failure]

Resistance to failure at least 2x a week…
-for each of push; pull; legs
-suggest 2 to 3 times/week
-moderate volume
-high effort
-high load [don’t hurt self] [no 1 personal record level…too heavy]

VO2 Max, high intensity cardio…
-trying to red zone heart rate
-work zone 5 [max muscle will allow] Get:
-positive adaptations
-bigger cardiac stroke output

General cardio…
Example: hit 10k steps a day
-enough movement to burn calories
-if sedentary job: do 1 hour treadmill
There are overlaps, but think of it as:
1-high end cardio
2-max resistance weight training
3-step count, general movement
“These 3: Everyone absolutely

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