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TED NAIMAN h | FASTING LOSES MUSCLE MASS! Protein-sparing fasting protects muscle
presents episode 1055 | Dr Ted Naiman
Maria Emmerich podcast

Question: what amount of fat in diet while
trying to lose fat?
-when doing protein sparing modified fast
for pre-bariatric surgery: need at least
10g fat [to avoid gallstones] -only for short period of time
Average person, on fat loss:
-don’t go below 30g fat a day
Example bodybuilders, doing show prep:
-loathe to go below 30g a day
-too low: lose testosterone & energy

If you have tons of body fat, you can get
away with extremely low fat in diet…

Maria: We don’t recommend extended
fasting because of loss of muscle mass.
Rather: protein sparing fasting because
-maintain muscle mass &
-ANIMAL PROTEIN is nutrient rich

Not for lean athletes:
-no reason lean people do protein sparing
fasting: do not have excess body fat!

Some say: protein sparing fasting is
dangerous; but then recommend 3 day
Dr Ted: Ridiculous!

Maria: We recommend, for weight loss,
for those with excess body fat:
-protein minimum during 1 day fast
-enough fat to protect gallbladder

What about autophagy?
-Intense exercise is best for autophagy!

Dr Ted: Autophagy cannot be measured!
-most studies are outside of body in
extraordinarily artificial conditions
-cannot tell when you are doing it
-it is almost purely theoretical
It comes down to mTOR signaling
-whether hypercaloric or hypocaloric
-plenty of energy or not enough energy
-want to balance these times

Driving autophagy?
Reduce energy availability
-under-eating calories, or
-expending more calories
1-eat less calories
2-high satiety foods
3-exercise more


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