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TED NAIMAN g | Pre-diabetic? Eat: -lean animal protein -high satiety -GET WELL
presents episode 1054 | Dr Ted Naiman
Maria Emmerich podcast

Question: High intensity exercise makes
CGM go up. Harmful?
-most people will hit diabetic-range
glucose when max intensity exercising
-Not bad
-these spikes in glucose not terrible
If you saw spikes from refined fat:
-refined fat & carbs are:
-low satiety
-not helping body composition
-better eat some protein instead

If diabetic and doing everything right;
-eat lean protein
-super high satiety per calorie
-shaving off refined carbs & refined fats
-exercising & losing weight
You will see fasting blood sugar get lower
steadily over time
High satiety per calorie diet
[Way more protein; Less refined carbs/fats] Exercise
-depletes intramuscular triglycerides

-sleep deprivation
immediately increases insulin resistance

Low carb: “carbs are non-essential”
-lots of things about fat that are similar
-requirement for saturated fat is zero
-cholesterol is zero
-body makes all that is needed
‘Not optimal?’
-no, but both carbs and fats
on U-shaped curve
Point: the amount of essential fatty acids
in diet is under 10g


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