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TED NAIMAN d | High insulin: not the problem…ENERGY TOXICITY is
presents episode 1052 | Dr Ted Naiman
Maria Emmerich podcast

Mechanically, body like a machine…
-eat fat, fat carbon cells end up on fat cells
-not water soluble, so nowhere else to go
-eat glucose, ends up in liver & muscles
When burned, you exhale carbon atoms
-body poised to melt down all tissue for
energy for emergency use
Glucagon is lead foot on accelerator
-without insulin: wide open lipolysis &
flood blood stream with fatty acids &

Norepinephrine, epinephrine, cortisol…
-without insulin, would break down tissues
for emergency energy into bloodstream
-type 1 diabetic, no insulin, this happens!
-free fatty acids are off the charts
-glucose, ketones…every fuel is maxed out
-give insulin: it all stops!
Resting in fasted state: pancreas constantly
monitors blood and if fatty acids too high-
sends insulin
Pancreas is fuel-sensitive pressure monitor
-keep fuels in your cells until needed

When fat cells too full…
-reject fat, so it circulates in blood stream
-pancreas dumping out insulin!
-but no cells want it!
-muscle cells full…don’t want fat or glucose
-blood stream full of these fuels & insulin
HIGH INSULIN is sign of energy toxicity
-too much energy in blood &
-too much energy in cells
“Insulin is not the problem; it is the marker!
Too much fuel in blood & cells:
that is the problem”


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