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Ted Naiman: Bodybuilders’ strategy: highest lean mass at lowest fat mass…via protein & lifting
presents episode 268: Dr Ted Naiman
Ted Naiman youtube channel


Type 2 diabetics are the opposite of bodybuilders…
-goal of bodybuilders:
~highest lean mass
~lowest fat mass

Your body has 2 compartments…
-lean mass:
~mostly muscle
~bone & connective tissue
-fat mass

“The goal of everyone:
-highest lean mass
-lowest fat mass”

Highest lean mass at lowest fat mass…
-muscle is great at
~disposing of glucose
~disposing of energy (carbs & fat)
-gives highest metabolic flexibility

Metabolic flexibility

Your body can use whatever fuel is available,
-whether carbs or fat
-improved body fat burning
-sustained energy production
-fewer blood sugar spikes
-less hunger craving

“strength & muscle = longevity”

Other side: having lower fat gives you:
-lower fasting insulin levels
-way more insulin sensitive

“For ultimate health,
you really do want the
highest lean mass at
lowest fat mass”

Insulin sensitivity

Cells that are insulin sensitive are much more
efficient at using insulin to process glucose.

This helps keep blood sugar levels more stable.

This helps prevent many modern, chronic diseases.

Bodybuilders accomplish this…
-prioritize protein:
~partitions into lean mass
-very, very careful with non-protein energy:
~low fat or low carb or combo

This partitions as much of diet into
lean mass as possible
as little into fat mass as possible

“Prioritizing the hell” out of
protein foods…
-whey, fish, poultry
-eggs, seafood
-beef, steak, leafy greens
-processed meats

leads to fat loss

Eating carbs &
excess fat…
-vegetable oils
-flour, sugar
-milk, peanuts
-whole grains
-potatoes, beans

Leads to fat gain

Bodybuilders accomplish this…
-doing resistance exercise
~at highest intensity they can

Highest intensity resistance training

Repeating or continuing an exercise to the point of
-momentary muscular failure
-for strength & muscle growth

Can be weightlifting, sprinting, swimming or
other exercises focusing on shorter time, more intensity

Bodybuilders accomplish this…
-doing resistance exercise
~at highest intensity they can
-send optimum stimulus to muscles to grow

“That is the bodybuilder strategy:
-protein &