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Ted Naiman. body is a battery

Body is battery powered…
tuned for what it it doing
Like: running metabolism from BODY FAT
-should only use glucose when energy needs go up to 90% capacity!

Overload on glucose: all day, every day…
force a ‘fed state’
DOWN REGULATES your ability to run mitochondria from stored body fat

evolutionarily, we would run off stored body fat

IT IS NOT evolutionary to: eat all the time!!

Time-restricted eating: Many studies!!
take animal, reduce eating to 8 hours a day:
-lose body weight & body fat
lower blood sugar
reverse insulin resistance

“I to a 16 fast / 8 eat window
I skip breakfast; eat lunch and dinner”

If you are lean & healthy
-have head room in adipocytes
-good at running off of fat
-have hunger control
[eat junk food some times, ok,
if intermittent fasting & exercising]

Insulin SPIKES every time we eat…
signals to push fat into storage

Secret to success?
KEEP IT PULSATILE [not steady] -do not eat carbs constantly

Eat protein & fat rich foods: high satiety!
-protein is the MOST SATIATING macronutrient
-fat is next
-carbs LEAST
-alcohol makes you HUNGRY

Study: give an appetizer of PROTEIN…
-2 hours later; eat WAY LESS!!
-combo of sugar & veggie fat [most of our processed foods]


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