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Ted Naiman Ben Bikman: Let PROTEIN power your health & fat loss!

Dr Ted Naiman
author: The P:E Diet

Dr Ben Bikman
author: Why We Get Sick

Why call it the power of protein?
-lack of protein is a major driver of insulin resistance
-choice of many delicious high-protein foods
-eating protein :
~builds muscle
~causes very little insulin rise
~cuts hunger cravings

Consumers convinced:
“plant protein is superior…”
-that is false by every
objective measure
-in every instance, animal
proteins beat plant proteins

For example…
-pea protein:
-to get enough, must take
1000 peas to get 1 serving
~amino acid profile subpar
~contain anti-nutrients
=phytic acids
=trypsin inhibitors
=heavy metals

Dr Ted Naiman:
-make protein 30% of diet
-1g protein per pound ideal body weight
-Less than 1g carbs & fat per pound body weight
-impossible to overeat protein

High protein foods
-meat: beef, sausage, ribs, jerky, ham, bacon
-cheese (especially
European & organic)
-cream, cottage cheese,
full-milk yogurt
-wild fish
-wild seafood

Examples of high protein fast foods
-burger patties, swiss cheese, bacon
(skip the bun, fries, & soda)
74g protein
1g carb

(if include bun, fries, soda…
114g carbs = 40 packets sugar)

Examples of high protein fast foods
-roast beef, asiago cheese, bacon
(skip the bun, fries, & soda)

Examples of high protein fast foods
-breakfast egg, cheese, bacon
(skip the biscuit, pancakes, fries, & juice)

Examples of high protein foods
-smoked wild caught salmon
(farmed salmon is extremely high in omega-6)

Examples of high protein dessert
-full-cream yogurt (skyr from Iceland)
~Siggi’s & Icelandic brands are delicious
(low fat yogurts are high in sugar or sweeteners)