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TED NAIMAN b | META-ANALYSES: protein not harmful to kidneys
presents episode 1050 | Dr Ted Naiman
Maria Emmerich podcast

Refined carbs…
-extremely low satiety per calorie
-eat; starving 3 hours later
-did not get protein & minerals
-high caloric density
-blood sugar goes way up, then crashes
Refined Fat: not much better!
-will not get glycemic spike and crash
-but, passively getting FATTER without
any satiety at all
Refined carbs: terrible; refined fat: also

Question: protein bad for kidneys?
-if kidney damage, spill protein into urine
-doctor checks protein in urine to see
if kidney is damaged
-if eat a lot of protein, can have it is urine
even though not harming kidneys
So: kindergarten medical:
‘protein in urine = kidney damage!’
“Completely, fraudulently WRONG”

Meta analysis that shows higher protein
diets are protective of kidneys…
-kidney gets larger and stronger, so
-glomerular filtration better
-blood urea & nitrogen will go up,
but no harm
“No evidence that high protein harms
kidneys at all”
Vast majority of people with kidney damage
do not neet to restrict protein

Meta analyses show that, unless you have
extremely rare disease, those with most
common types of kidney failure-
-yet, doctors still restrict protein!


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