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TED NAIMAN a | 99% of fat in fat cells comes from DIETARY FAT
presents episode 1049 | Dr Ted Naiman
Maria Emmerich podcast

Question: what happens to fat when
-broken down in intestines, absorbed as
-chylomicrons goes directly to fat cells
[chylomicrons: ULDL lipoprotein particles] Slow Process
-slowly absorb through small intestine
-through lympathics, into liver
-into fat cells 12 hours later
-no change to metabolism, insulin
“Almost all fat you eat goes to fat cells”

Released as non-esterified free fatty acids…
-bound to albumin [water soluble proteins] -only released from adipocytes
-now fuel for body
Such a slow process
-no immediate satiety
-99% fat in fat cells came from dietary fat
Refined Fat
-horrible satiety per calorie

Studies in many animals & humans…
-adding refined fat to diet
-makes them fatter
“Pour refined fat onto feed, this is how
we get obese rats for studies”

Carbs and fats have two totally different
storage compartments…
-fat [not water soluble] only in fat cells
-carbs stored as glycogen in liver & muscle
If not eating carbs, you burn all fat
When eat carbs, smoothly displace fat
oxidation with carb oxidation;
when carbs all burned up,
back to fat burning


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