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TED NAIMAN 7 | WORST SATIATING? sugar & vegetable oil. MOST SATIATING? eat a steak!
presents episode 407 | Dr Ted Naiman
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

I see a ton of success stories now…
-it seems like everyone is coming off insulin, losing 50 to 150 pounds
-reversing their diabetes
-if they build enough muscle through resistance training,
~completely curing their diabetes!
-what holds some people back…
-is the addictive nature of high energy:
carbs & fats together
-it is so strong that I spend my time
giving addiction medicine!

Once someone knows what to do about diet & exercise…
-but still eating high energy carbs & fats foods
-it is almost an addiction medicine practice
-I do ‘harm reduction’ medicine for smoking
(vaping or nicotine replacement)
-I like ‘harm reduction’ medicine for food addiction:
~front-load a bunch of protein
-eat smoked salmon omelette for breakfast!
-eat 2 pounds of meat, eggs, etc…
~then no need to tell you
‘don’t eat donuts’
-you’ll be so full, you will eat only one!

Dr Ted Naiman’s next book: working title: Satiety per Calorie
-hacks to help you eat less because you are full!
-(due to high protein, energy-density, water)
-it will talk about what types of food are satiating:
Example: pork rinds will not be a satiating as eating a steak…
-due to water; weight; volume; chewing!
-less processed; slower release of nutrients

The worst? sugar & oil
Te best? eating a steak


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