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Ted Naiman 6: OBESOGENIC RAT CHOW…same macros as Standard American Diet!

Low Carb Down Under
Breckenridge, 2021

Electron transport chain…
-pumping protons across
the membrane
-like a little battery
-powers ATP synthase motor

When doing beta oxidation
-of fat:
~everything runs smoothly

“Your body is designed to
live off your own body fat;
so, burning fat works

But…you dump a bunch of glucose
on top of this:
-overdrive mitochondrial complex 1
-too much membrane potential
-too many reactive oxygen species
-glucose toxicity

Obesogenic rat chow
-makes you as fat as possible
-as fast as possible

-protein: low
-carbs: really high

Study: female bodybuilders…
-reduce carb intake
-high protein
-resistance training
-moderate fat

We are eating:

Obesogenic Rat Chow!

Adipocytes with ideal fat flux:
-expand during the day
-shrink at night…so you can live off burning body fat!

We have made it:

-peak of summer time
-24 hours a day
-365 days a year

-sugar & fat together
-day after day

We can eat:
-less sugar
-less glucose

-we can burn fat