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TED NAIMAN 5 | Simple FAT LOSS: switch half your carbs to protein…that is the finish line!
presents episode 405 | Dr Ted Naiman
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

Extreme diets?
-many studies were done with meal-replacement shakes for T2D:
-50g protein; 125g carbs; no fat!
-type 2 diabetes was helped and people lost weight…but:
~they lost half fat and half muscle!!
~their metabolism went way down, so
~they would yo-yo right back up in weight

Extreme diets?
-protein-sparing, modified fast:
-super low in calories but eating all the protein you need
-it does spare lean mass
-if you do resistance exercise on top, it will spare even more lean mass

“I don’t recommend these approaches!”
-The P:E Diet (protein to energy ratio diet)
~is about tiny, incremental changes
-you are heading toward protein-sparing eating, but gradually
-more of a permanent lifestyle change that is sustainable
-I don’t like these crash-diet type things
because you lose lean mass along with fat
AND likely to rebound and gain it all back

Question: why do people get hungry when higher protein eating?
-in almost every case, people went too high on protein, too fast
-and total calories were way too low
-you can’t just eat 100% protein and not starve!
-you can’t eat too low calories and not starve!
-try to go 300 to 500 calories less than usual
~nudge up protein
~drag back carbs & fat

The P:E diet:
“Every meal:
~10g less carbs
~10g less fat
~10g more protein
-long term: not hungry, successful
-will shave off 300 calories of energy &
-give 30g of extra protein
-that will add a ton to your satiety

There are tons of iso-caloric, macronutrient substitution studies…
-just: sub out non-protein for protein, no change in calories!
-everything will get better
-in the P:E Diet book, I say:
“take half of your carb grams daily &
turn them into protein,
and you are at the finish line!”


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