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TED NAIMAN 4 | KIDS NEED PROTEIN: SAME PERCENTAGE AS ADULTS no downside! Animal protein superior!
presents episode 431 | Dr Ted Naiman
Muscle Intelligence podcast by Ben Pakulski

Question: can you eat too much protein for your health?
-it is self-limiting
-you physically cannot do it
-eating too much protein is not a medical condtiion
-not a diagnosable problem
-no studies, human or animal of 100% protein

Question: can you eat too much protein for your health?
-explorers in winter, eat only extremely lean rabbits, etc.
-90% protein…they get very, very thin, nauseated
“But, for any free-living human, with access to non-protein
energy, you will eventually, just eat less protein”
“You can’t make yourself eat too much protein”

Question: digestion issues when eating too much protein?
-your body will upregulate and downregulate enzymes
that help you digest food
-never take your whole diet and flip it on its head 100%
-you want to make more gradual changes

Example: take someone with few protein-digesting enzymes…
-progressively overload them on protein
“You will adapt to the diet you are given”

Question: kids on protein?
-they seem to be similar to adults on protein:
-one gram per pound works from infancy on upward
-there is no downside to higher protein for kids
-there is no danger to kids to doing higher protein
to get higher satiety per calorie
-the accepted protein percent of calories
is between 10 to 35%
-you wouldn’t want to go way beyond
those for any human, including kids

Question: plant protein vs animal protein?
-protein containing food is broken down into same amino acids
-the difference is in the percentage of the amino acids
-animal protein is the right spectrum of amino acids
to build an animal
(plant protein is right to build a plant)
Example: leucine seems to be a big
driver of muscular hypertrophy in humans
-animal protein has 10% leucine
-plant protein is 6% leucine

Question: plant protein vs animal protein?
-basically animal protein is better than plant protein for muscles
-you can get there with plants, but may have to eat more
-a lot of plant proteins are bound up in fiber
-example: broccoli…you’d eat so much,
you’d die of bowel blockage before
you got enough protein!
-animal protein:
~way more digestable
~way more accessible
~higher leucine percentage


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