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TED NAIMAN 3 | SEDENTARY? body demands calories…cuts satiety signals
presents episode 756 | Dr Ted Naiman
Dr Gabrielle Lyon podcast

“Physical activity recommendation…”
-150 minutes/week of low intensity
-75 minutes/week of high intensity
[15 minutes / 5 days a week] Choice:
-twice as hard for half the time
But, for VO2 Max & getting adaptation,
need to do some of the high intensity

Somewhat like weightlifting…
-do the full range of reps
-some high intensity, low reps
-some low intensity, higher reps
“Make sure to have some of the
‘all out’ [lifting to failure] in there”
Frequency of workouts…
-a little every day. or
-all on one day
-are kind of equivalent
Do whatever fits your schedule

Some people are so focused on the
‘perfect’ plan that they never get going
-that will NEVER happen
-just go do it

Macronutrient balance?
-protein is critical: NAIL IT!
-carbs…dial according to need
-fat is passive
-satiety from fat is very delayed
-performance boost very delayed
Fat great for zone 2 cardio
[like walking 30,000 steps]

-are basically a joke…
-changes from day to day
“As long as your exercise effort is
high enough; you will automatically
match intake with your expenditure”
when sedentary…your body demands
way more calories than it needs
-breaks hunger & satiety signaling

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