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Ted Naiman 3: GLUCOSE DESTROYS MITOCHONDRIALability to burn body fat

Low Carb Down Under
Breckenridge, 2017

Once body is at war with
itself, the wheels just
fall of of the wagon…

this is why all these
chronic diseases are
driven by
insulin resistance

Insulin resistant?
-filled up all adipocytes
-no where for fat to go
-no where for glucose to go
-have high insulin all
of the time

-Why did you
fill up your adipocytes?

You suck at burning fat…
-because you eat too much

“increased metabolism of
Shift toward body’s
preference for oxidizing
carbs rather than fat”

-result: more body fat

“Mitochondrial mass, structure,
function altered in
insulin resistance.
-impaired fat oxidation

“Mitochondrial dysfunction:
-diabetic offspring”

Not burning fat well…
-it accumulates
-fills up adipocytes

Every nucleated cell has
-constantly turning food
into ATP
-everyday make entire
body mass into ATP

(if 70kg weight;
make 70kg ATP

Every nucleated cell has
-at any time:
you have 6 seconds
of ATP in body

(cyanide disrupts ATP…
dead in 6 seconds)

Mitocondria burn either glucose or fat

Respiratory Quotient (RQ):
-when burning glucose: exhale much more CO2
-when burning fat: much less!

High RQ?
-will store much more body fat

2 people, same obesity:
-lower RQ
~burning more fat
~metabolically healthier
~lower insulin
~less metabolic syndrome