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TED NAIMAN 3 | Bodybuilders: go below 20% fat intake: low T & don’t feel great
presents episode 403 | Dr Ted Naiman
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

Basically, no bodybuilders will go below 20% fat from calories…
-or will have problems, like
~low testosterone & not feeling good
-on a maintenance, iso-caloric (eat as much as you want) diet:
~don’t go below 30% fat
-room to trade-off fat for carbs:
-if eating no carbs at all, will have more
weight loss because energy required to
perform gluconeogenesis
-may not be protein-sparing, so if not eating
enough protein, may catabolize lean mass!

With the P:E Diet, I have landed here:
-eat up to 100g carbs per day in order to spare some protein
-therefore, won’t lose lean mass to make glucose
“I recognize that, if you eat no carbs, you will burn up even more
calories…like extreme Iron Man Triathlon challenge”
-Energy benefit to never eating any carbs,
because: not only manufacturing own glucose
-trying to get energy from protein
-make glucose from protein
-will burn a lot of calories
“could provide the biggest energy advantage;
just don’t know if it is optimal for average
person wanting the most lean mass”

How much protein in grams per day?
-based on your height…what is your ideal weight:
-example: 5′ 10″ male, ideal weight is 160 pounds, so:
-daily: eat MINIMUM 160g protein per day

For men or women:
-1 gram protein per 1 pound ideal weight


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