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TED NAIMAN 2a | classic || EAT LESS?? NO!!! will lose lean mass
presents episode 663 | Dr Ted Naiman
Peak Human podcast

The problem with not eating at all, or
just drinking juice…
You will lose equal amounts of fat mass & lean mass
-you are going to be HUNGRY
-lose lean mass [muscle] -might set your set point LOWER

Whole goal: highest lean mass & lowest fat mass…
this will get you the most insulin sensitive
give you the most metabolic flexibility

Whole goal: highest lean mass & lowest fat mass…
The way to do this:
eat plenty of protein, minerals & micronutrients
so you have all you need for LEAN MASS
then, eat less energy

Diet that cuts all macronutrients together:
-your PROTEIN was too low to begin with
-now it is really TOO LOW
You will lose lean muscle mass


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