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TED NAIMAN 2 | Pre-diabetic? raise protein intake to 30%; become ideal body weight long term
presents episode 402 | Dr Ted Naiman
Revero podcast with Dr Shawn Baker

Worldwide, hunter-gatherers, eat about 33% protein, by calories…
-in past 60 years of global obesity epidemic, protein consumption:
-went from 15% to 12.5% for Americans
(most obesogenic rat chow would have protein at 10%)
-National Weight Loss Registry (lost weight and kept if off longterm):
-protein at 19 – 20%
-ripped & jacked bodybuilders: 30% + protein
-amount of adlib* calories people eat is
completely linear with protein percent
(higher protein = less calories you eat)

*eat until full

Pre-diabetic: raise protein to 30% of calories…
-100% reversal of pre-diabetes (eat as much as you want)
-my typical patient comes in at 12% protein
-if I can get them to 30% protein, they will go all the way to:
their ideal body weight
What is 30% calories protein?
-whole cow, beef, is 30% protein
-eggs; ribeye steak; all meats are at least 30%

But average patient I see, I can’t just overload them with protein…
-must progressively load, like in weight training:
“Think about where you are now, in protein.
substitute out carbs for protein a little over time”
-Or, if eating chicken breast because you are afraid of meat…
and having massive starches…
-take the protein portion and
amp up the quantity; and
shrink down the starches
-over time you will
automatically eat less calories


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