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TED NAIMAN 2 | Fat loss…SIMPLE -high nutrient density-high protein percentage-low energy density
presents episode 428 | Dr Ted Naiman
Muscle Intelligence podcast by Ben Pakulski

Dr Ted Naiman, raised as vegetarian…
-if you eliminte high-quality animal foods,
-the protein percentage of your food goes significantly down
-all plant foods have lower percent of quality protein
-all animal foods have higher percent of quality protein

There are 2 huge drivers of ab lib caloric intake…
-protein percentage (biggest lever)
-energy density
~the less energy density of the food,
the less calories you will eat
Whole foods, plant-based diet…
-energy density of diet goes way down

Dr Kevin Hall NIH study, 2021 Dueling Diets…
-group: high-fat keto (animal-based eating)
-group: low-fat (plant-based eating)
-low-fat group ate 700 calories less per day automatically
(with unlimited access to food)
-BUT they had half the energy density
of the animal-based group!

If you are wanting to lose weight…
You can have the best of both worlds! (why not??)
-eat high quality animal foods, leanest ones
-ones that have lowest energy density
~example: egg whites
~super high protein,
~super low energy density
“Anyone going plant-based…
instant win to a certain degree
because of low energy density”

Ben Pakulski, body builder:
“I am half carnivore, half vegan because I try to eat
the most energy-dense foods”

Dr Ted Naiman: my intro to all of this was Atkins Diet…
-had many patients who told me
~I stopped eating carbs
~I lost 30 pounds
~reversed my diabetes
~blood pressure is good
~threw all meds away
“f you just cut out carbs,
there is so much junk you cut out,
it is like an instant win”

But, if you replace carbs with foods that are:
-high energy density
-high fat
-low protein percentage
you will stall out really hard and go nowhere
Paleo, more nuanced:
-just don’t eat processed carbs
-which replaces high energy-density
-with high nutrient-density foods
Paleo was one rung on ladder,
-better than low carb

I researched just what the drivers were…
-all these diets have some success because they pull
these levers:
-high nutrient density
-low energy density
-high protein percentage
Anything you can do to achieve
these things, including
-lowering refined carbs
-lowering refined fats

All of these diet ‘religions’ are doing the same things…
-a little bit different parts of these things
“You can zoom out and pick and choose…
don’t have to be ‘religious’ to any one diet”
Which is my goal


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