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presents episode 530 | Dr Taylor DeGroot
Carnivore Yogi podcast

Question: How about lasik surgery?
-huge stress on visual system
-disrupts vitreous
-risk of dry eyes due to cutting corneal nerves
-when flap heals, held down by weak scar tissue
“At risk if hit in eye…flap can dislodge”
-impacting vitreous=risk of cataracts earlier
-risk of posterior vitreous detachment

Lasik changes thickness of of surface of eye,
-will impact wavelengths of light
-it is related to depression
“When I do exam on patient who has had lasik,
the bioresonance tells me how stressed the eye”
-often the vitreous is stressed
-needs structured water, so:
-UV light in the eye helps structure the water
-keep up on antioxidants in food
-increase blood circulation in eye

Use eye relaxation exercises:
“The eyes control nervous system!
A lot of our stress stems from our eyes”
-if clenching jaw
-if pelvic floor cannot relax
All related to whether your eyes can relax
Learning how to relax eyes can help you fully relax
exercise to strengthen non-dominant eye
Test: put hands together in triangle; look at distant object
-don’t focus on object but center it; pull hands toward eyes
-keeping object in center…will lead your hands to your dominant eye

If you are more right eye dominant,
-likely to have left hand tilt
-likely to have jaw go toward dominant side
-if you strengthen your non-dominant eye,
~will improve your posture

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