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TAYLOR DEGROOT 3 | RED, BURNING EYES: natural solutions far better than retail eye drops
presents episode 529 | Dr Taylor DeGroot
Carnivore Yogi podcast

Question: how healthy are retail eye drops?
-Visine is bad because it restricts blood vessels
-afterward, body compensates, rebound effect
-so blood vessels dilate even more
-so people use eye drops every day
But, if look at root cause of their redness
-contact lens wearers, due to lack of oxygen,
-contact lens solution
-not enough light: so eyes are stressed
-histamine allergies, so
Support copper metabolism; beef kidney helps GAO enzyme
(Galactose Oxidase – regulates histamine)

Eye drop alternatives…
-MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
When on the computer, we tend to stare
-and don’t blink as much as should
Another cause of redness in the eyes
-blue light imbalance will activate the sympathetic nervous system
-parasympathetic nervous system controls lacrimal gland secretions
-and the meibomian gland secretions
“All 3 layers of tears are impacted by the nervous systems”

Big causes of eye redness is…
-constantly in fight or flight mode
-staring at computer, not blinking
-very dry environment
-mold in the environment (clogs the glands)
If when waking up, redness:
-check that you are not breathing through mouth
Consider optimizing your environment
-get an air purifier, etc.

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