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TAYLOR DEGROOT 2 | Fortified cereals: EXCESS IRON weakens vitamin A: critical for EYES
presents episode 528 | Dr Taylor DeGroot
Carnivore Yogi podcast

Excess iron is a big cause of oxidative stress…
-in bio resonance eye scan often see iron
-eyes are very susceptible due to
~high metabolic rate
“Iron-induced oxidative stress is a big cause
of cataracts”
For overall eye health, antioxidants in our diet
is critical, including vitamin C and E
-B vitamins are very important for metabolism and supporting thyroid
-copper, taurine to support liver (very connected to eyes)
-collagen health: bone broth, chicken feet, MSM eye drops
-tudka–for liver; caster oil eye packs

Excess iron is a big cause of oxidative stress…
-many people grew up eating ‘fortified’ cereal
-have excess iron in body
-all that iron dysregulates copper & vitamin A
-vitamin A is super important for the eyes
~especially for photo receptors
“Many don’t realize that the rods & cones
really need vitamin A to function properly”
-patients tell me cod liver oil has really helped their eyesight
-beef liver, raw dairy, butter, eggs all help with vitamin A

Question: what is the danger of excess vitamin A?
-it depends on your thyroid function
-the thyroid health affects vitamin A need
-sunlight affects it due to vitamin D spectrum
-more sun=more vitamin D;
~so more vitamin A needed
“The need is very individual, so recommend
get vitamin levels tested before going
full bore with beef liver. There is a sweet spot”
Everything is on a spectrum…there is no silver bullet
“Cannot just take cod liver oil thinking all is well.
Depends on personal nutrition needs; genetics; ancestry as well”

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