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SUNLIGHT 4 | Evening light…keep it low; red; dim for optimal sleep
presents episode 378 | Dr Roger Seheult
MedCram podcast

Cortisol: bright light in morning stimulates adrenal production
must be adequate time or intensity
regulates 20% of the genome

Evening use of eReaders has negative effect on sleep,
circadian timing, and next morning alertness
and affects sleep latency

Morning: view sunlight as soon as possible
aim for 10,000 lux for 20-30 minutes, from 11-15 inches from light box
or even better, get outside:
cloudy day: 30 minutes
bright, sunny day: 30 seconds will do!

Light in the evening…
-as low as possible
-as red as possible
-as dim as possible
-avoid screens;
~or use reduced blue light function
~or wear blue light blocker glasses


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