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Stone tools & fire brought ACCESS to MEAT and massive improvements in brain & body
presents episode 330: Dr Bill Schindler
PaulSaladinoMD podcast

3.5 million years ago the production of the first stone tool…
-we find the tool, we know they were cutting on bones
-they were scavenging, not hunting
-the animals running around then were ancestors to lions
-these were taking down animals, ripping them apart
-access the most bioavailable,
nutrient-dense parts:
~blood, fat, organs
-scavengers then come in and
rip off flesh

-our ancestors were not biologically equipped to join in
-Now, the stone tool provided them access as scavengers
-hack off huge chunks of meat and bring back to camp
-when meat is introduced into their diet
-we see a little body & brain growth

-the massive changes happen when they start hunting
-and control fire
-hunters have first access to the most valuable part of animal:
~blood, organs and fat
-meat has been in our diet 3.5m yrs
-entire animal for 2m years
-we see the biggest growth in
body and brain size when animals
are part of our diet

-“we’ve been eating vegetables for millions or years”
-but, at that time our ancestors were small and small brains
-had high level of sexual dimorphism
-males were a lot larger than females
-due to criticality of females being
healthy when carrying and raising
-massive need for increasing
nutrition during this time

-so, if they start with lower nutritional requirements…
-when these nutritional needs skyrocket &
-at the time when we had easy access to
~incredibly nutrient-dense, bioavailable foods
-we start seeing a reduction in
~sexual dimorphism, where
human females get much closer
in size to males


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