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STEVEN LIN 5 | KIDS: GNAW ON RAW FOODS like ancestors to develop musculoskeletal jaw bone joint
presents episode 562 | Dr Steven Lin
Dr Ken Berry podcast

Some kids have tongue tie when born…
-prevents lifting tongue to roof of mouth
-pediatricians need to be on top of this
Parents: if child trouble breast feeding…
-might be libial freedom
“All these things come together in
cranial-facial growth—but it is largely driven by food”
-stripping out nutrient poor foods
-putting in nutrient dense animal foods
rich in fat soluble vitamins

Dr Berry…to summarize so far:
1-remove foods that have low nutrition &
cause tooth damage
~sugar, grain, seed oils (vegetable oils)
2-add foods that odontoblast needs to build
teeth & to repair
3-children, as mandibula & maxilla growing,
need foods to gnaw on
like we have done for 250k years!
that stress on the jaw bone helps it to develop
“Right Dr Lin?”

Yes…the physical factors
-breathing & tongue posture
“The chewing moves musculoskeletal joint
(like going to gym to strengthen bodies
other musculoskeletal joints)
It is the same with the jaw”
Kids need to chew & rip on raw foods, bone
-we are designed to do this
Look at anthropological records,
we don’t have proper jawbones

When I examine kids’ mouths…
-some teeth need to come out: infected
“But look at the bone: paper thin!
-bone people are developing is not strong
-not eating right nutrients to place in calcium
-calcium metabolism depends on
vitamin D, A, K2
“We are not getting enough of these foods”
Some of these foods are not popular, like cod liver oil
“This is where vitamin D was discovered!
-in the rickets epidemic

Then, in later life, it is osteoporosis…
“Why haven’t we made this connection,
it starts in the mouth, but is a
preventable disease by eating right foods?”

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