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presents episode 561 | Dr Steven Lin
Dr Ken Berry podcast

“I’ve got a 22 month old and 5 month old…
Oldest son:
-I put cod liver oil in his milk
-hasn’t ever had fruit
“All parents don’t have to do this, but you do
this when they are young; they get used to it
He has eggs for breakfast; has never had a refined carb”
Main principle: They have to have fat soluble vitamins
-try to work in fatty meat, organ meats (or desiccated),
egg yolks, whole fat dairy (if tolerated)
Their bodies are sponges for these fat soluble vitamins

Fat soluble vitamin foods will create the
physiological barriers to tooth decay
“If child has hole in tooth: you can change it
-cells in tooth, odontoblast, that create bone
-immune cells, run by vitamins A, D, K2
Feed protective factors &
Remove harmful factors
-body will heal itself

Tooth decay: First sign of calcium balance
in young child
-as child grows: see if there is space
for adult teeth to come in
Between ages 6 and 12, even when
just have baby teeth:
-jaws are developing
-32 adult teeth are ready to come in
-at 6 & 7 they start to grow
Dentist may need to help functionally, the cranial-facial development

“At my clinic (in Sydney) we can help the
jaws grow, prevent breakage”
We also watch the breathing…
-nasal breathing:
~expands the mandibula
~creates platform for upper teeth
~and for entire cranial-facial system
Creates an expansive growth pattern to reinforce a posture
-so the child is not mouth breathing
“Mouth breathing stunts growth of jaw & roof of mouth
-then you get crooked teeth”

Watch your child breathe…
-if open mouth posture:
~teach them to breathe through nose
Watch their sleep…
-if mouth breathing, this stops all of the
natural growth & development
-brain needs nitric oxide air in through nasal sinuses

If this is all corrected:
Last factor is the tongue posture
-with tongue in this type of movement:
in a suction to the roof of the mouth
-right back to the soft pallet,
~creating an upward & outward movement that:
Supports the neck and cervical spine
Supports the airways in the throat–holds it open
“You breath correctly! Why singers have great facial structure”

When these things come correctly together:
Child gets the
Will never have a tooth issue
Never have wisdom teeth impaction
Never need braces

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