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STEVEN LIN 3 | OUR ANCESTORS WERE CAVITY FREE! Teeth have immunity if fed fat soluble vitamins
presents episode 560 | Dr Steven Lin
Dr Ken Berry podcast

Dr Chris Masterjohn discovered that K2 is
actually activated X, referred to by Dr Price
-it is one of the most important nutrients
~you will never hear about
~never see on packaging material
-found in organ meats, egg yolks,
grassfed beef and dairy, some fermented foods
“We just don’t get it in the modern diet,
Yet is is critical for healthy teeth, jaws & developing kids”
Preventing braces, wisdom teeth extraction, we can do it all
with these fat soluble vitamins–body does it itself

Dr Berry:
Dr Price researched indigenous peoples who
were untouched by the modern Western diet
-these people had beautiful teeth
-well-developed maxilla & mandibular bone
-nose breathers not mouth breathers
If you study human skulls prior to 15,000 years ago,
they have
-no cavities in teeth
-never a dental abscess in maxilla

Dr Berry:
When we started farming, access to grains
-that is when teeth have cavities and are
worn down until unusable
“We are seeing the same thing:
-before you add sugar & grain
-starchy tubers & modern fruit (sacks of sugar!)
These tooth problems were very, very rare
There are many doctors & dentists who don’t think about this:
“That cavity about to be filled was caused by the child’s diet”

Weston Price found that in these native
people, as soon as they began eating the
modern diet, within that generation the
teeth and jaws would deteriorate
-he took 15,000 photos
Dr Berry:
-bones are not rocks they are fluid, at any age
-you can strengthen them or weaken them by your
~diet & exercise

The jaws & teeth are living entities…
-not porcelain doll that shatters by accident
-they break due to lack of nutrients
-prenatal nutrition of mother also critical
Vitamin D transfers through breast milk
-for kids, teeth have an immune system:
~must be fed fat soluble vitamins!

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