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STEVEN LIN 1 | GINGIVITIS CAN BE STOPPED; ligaments will reattach to teeth with proper human diet
presents episode 558 | Dr Steven Lin
Dr Ken Berry podcast

Dr Ken Berry:
-never have another cavity
-children & grandchildren never have cavities
-if under 12, children never need braces
-also, never need their wisdom teeth out
Dr Steven Lin, Sydney Australia…
-trained, practicing dentist
-researching how our food &
nutrition affect our oral cavity and
~today’s common dental diseases

So much research in the last 10 to 20 years…
-professionals have no time to get educated
-application of new finding into practice
very difficult
-dental practice is very regimented due to
challenges of working in the mouth
-dental disease is very difficult to fix
-that is why dentists are set in their ways
-training is set in its ways

I see patients, in 30’s, with gum disease…
-the issue? blood sugar out of control
-they are prediabetic, undiagnosed
-until they get this diagnosis &
-understand that it is their diet that is
pushing them down the road to
insulin resistance…
~until then, I can’t control their gum disease

Dr Berry: When I started this health
journey I was morbidly obese, prediabetic,
severe acid reflux, gingivitis
“As I progressed from standard American
diet, to paleo, keto, and now carnivore…
My gum disease is completely gone”

Question: Can bone loss from gum disease
be reversed?
-if patient goes on a healthy diet healing
journey, their tissues will settle down &
no more active disease
Gingivitis is inflammation of gum tissue
-progresses to periodontitis, infection of bone
“If you floss and see blood from your gums,
that is inflammation;
can progress to periodontitis”

Periodontitis is autoimmune reaction of body
to break down tissues (collagen & ligaments)
that connect gums to bone
-if have it long enough, bone starts to run
away (dentists measure this)
-dentists clean around ligaments and tooth
roots to keep calcified plague from building up
-if you lose attachment and bone around the tooth, it is
difficult to regrow, but you can stop the process

“If you stop this process by healthy eating, can’t grow bone back,
but, will get reattachment of ligament to tooth!”
-its okay: main thing: stop the inflammation from progressing

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