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STEVE JOBS | Everything around you was made up by people no smarter than you. You can change it.
presents episode 426 | Steve Jobs & David Mamet
The Rubin Report with David Rubin

You’re told that the world is the way it is…
-your life is to live in the world as it is
-try not to bash into the walls too much

That is a very limited life…until you discover one simple fact:
-everything around you was made up by people no smarter than you
-and you can change it

The minute you understand that you can poke life..
-you push in and something will pop out of the other side
-you can change it; you can mold it

Perhaps the most important thing…
-to shake off this notion that life is there; and
-you are just going to live in it

-embrace it
-change it
-improve it

However you learn that; once you learn it…
-you’ll want to change life and make it better
-because it’s kind of messed up in a lot of ways

you’ll never be the same

DAVID MAMET | You can kill me, but you’re
going to have to kill me, because,
I am never leaving.

My mother used to say, David, why must you dramatize everything?
-I was born with that gene
-Like, Sandy Koufax was born to throw the fast ball

I never did any school work…
-had a million menial jobs
-we call them entry-level jobs now

When I realized there was this thing called the theater…
-that I could get in there, and
-have the most fun in the world
-I was never coming out

Young people, whatever they are going into…
-if they discover aviation, or the theater, or the military
-if it’s in their DNA, they say
“You can kill me, but you’re going
to have to kill me, because…
I am never leaving”


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