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STEPHEN PHINNEY Part 4 | VIRTAHEALTH study: reversing type 2 diabetes a success!
presents episode 348 | Dr Stephen Phinney
Low Carb Down Under presentation

How Virta Health ( got started…
-app that allows continuous contact with outpatients!
-upper right: coach
-lower right: doctor
-can see your data
-access to patient

Did study, led by Dr Sarah Hallberg,
-patients having type 2 diabetes for
average 8.4 years
-1.5g protein per 1kg reference
body weight (ideal body weight)
~based on Dr Stephenson
(study in Bellevue Hospital)
-30g carbs
-eat fat to their satiety
-no calorie restrictions, no hunger

Tremendous benefit to adherence when…
-people come off of their drugs
-their weight comes down
-blood sugar better than anything
in 8 years


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