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STEPHEN PHINNEY Part 3: METABOLIC ROCK & ROLL! Low carb eaters: free from meds
presents episode 348
: Dr Stephen Phinney
Low Carb Down Under presentation

2005 study, obese, type 2 diabetics, three weeks…
-buffet meals, no calorie restrictions
-1 week:
standard diet
-2 weeks:
low carb diet

Week 1: standard diet (high carb, low fat)
-ate 3100 calories a day
-held weight steady
-glucose 2 times normal

Weeks 2-3: low carb buffet, no calorie restrictions…
-self-selected eating 1000 calories LESS daily
-reported better satiety!

Low carb group:
glucose, done every 2 hours…
-and insulin…
Results (in blue)
-glucose in normal range!
-insulin: remarkably lower!

So, better insulin sensitivity
by 75%

This is not a weight loss diet, necessarily…
-just 2 weeks, so very early in adaptation process
-will improve over time

Metabolic study
-took most meds away
in 2 weeks


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