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STEPHEN PHINNEY Part 2: Low carb…cuts abdominal fat; triglycerides; glucose; raises HDL
presents episode 346: Dr Stephen Phinney
Low Carb Down Under presentation

2008 study: randomized, control trial of
-Low fat diet (LFD) only ate 12g saturated fat per day
-Keto (LCD) ate 36g saturated fat per day

Low carb diet group:
-Lost more abdominal fat; triglycerides; and glucose
-Gained more HDL cholesterol

FURTHER RESULTS of low carb, high fat group
-HOMA-IR (measure of insulin resistance) went down
-total saturated fat in blood went down

Evidence now: dietary saturated fat is not harmful…
-but saturated fat IN THE BLOOD is a predictor of future risk:
~coronary artery disease

Low carb group, had significantly lower saturated fat in blood,
-even though they ate 3 times the amount!

If you still believe that “you are what you eat”…NO
-It is:

“you are what you save from what you eat”

-when keto-adapted (fat adapted)
~we burn twice as much fat as before
~most preferred is saturated fat
~and body fat!
-eating saturated fat?
~body turns it into CO2 and water

If you read that low carb eating increases CRP
(C-reactive protein…important inflammatory biomarker)
-Be patient…it takes a few months…
~then it goes down


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